Innovation Advisory Services and Management

The Federal Government, Federal States and the EU have set up expert networks in order to provide support for company founders and SMEs. In addition, there are a number of special funding measures for advisory services and training. The Federal Government is funding advisory services and coaching for existing companies. Future company founders can use the funding opportunities of the Federal States.

Funding of innovation management in small enterprises located in East German Federal States and Berlin as well as in selected model regions in other parts of Germany

Funding is provided for small industrial enterprises (less than 50 employees), including craft trades in the East German federal states and Berlin, as well as for selected model regions in other parts of Germany in the form of external management for the realisation of product and process innovations. 

Model regions are: Bremen, the metropolitan area of Cologne-Bonn-Aachen, Münster and surrounding areas, Upper Franconia, Ruhr area, Saarland, South Westphalia / East Westphalia-Lippe and Weser mountain region.

Application requirements

Institutions authorised by BMWi for technology transfer and innovation funding are eligible to receive funding.

Information and dates

Funding is provided through proportional grants for advisory costs and external management services for

  • company/technology audits or feasibility studies
  • realisation concepts
  • project management
  • initial advisory services (voucher)

Funding for the improvement of materials efficiency

The impulse programme "Materials Efficiency" is an initiative by BMWi. With technologies and management methods already available, costs for materials regarding production and production use can be significantly reduced. However, operational practice shows that this potential is not used sufficiently, particularly by SMEs. The aim of the initiative is to exploit additional potentials to reduce the costs of materials in SMEs.

The NEMat programme is funding the networking of companies to strengthen competitive positioning. The VerMat funding programme supports the provision of individual advisory services for companies to increase materials efficiency..

Special Grants for Energy Efficiency in SMEs

Special Grants for Energy Efficiency in SMEs is a joint initiative by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and KfW to exploit potentials with regard to energy efficiency in SMEs. Often the companies lack knowledge about existing energy-saving potentials and also about the necessary financial resources. The funding programme starts at these points. Funding consists of two elements which can also be used independently of each other:

Advisory services on energy efficiency

Advisory services to increase energy efficiency will be funded with grants amounting to as much as 80 % for the realisation of independent and qualified advice on energy-related issues. Advisers who want to participate can register online for the KfW adviser service.

Low-interest loans

The implementation of energy-saving measures can be financed with low-interest loans from the ERP Energy Efficiency Programme. Applications for loans are to be submitted via the company's bank. Funding is provided for measures concerning energy savings covering up to 100 % of the eligible investment costs. Costs must not exceed the maximum of € 10 million. Measures are funded which contribute to energy savings of at least 15 %.    

Management consulting, information and training events

Via the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), BMWi is moreover funding management consulting as well as information and training events for SMEs and freelancers. For further information please visit BAFA's Internet site.

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