Funding for Trade Fairs and Foreign Trade Aid

There is also the opportunity of receiving funds to participate in national and international fairs.

Foreign Trade Fair Programme of the Federal Government

Subject matter

Participation of companies in selected international specialist fairs and exhibitions as well as in German industrial exhibitions as part of BMWi's contributions to foreign trade fairs.

Participation requirements

Companies located in Germany, their branches and representations abroad exhibiting goods which have been manufactured in Germany or by German branches abroad or which have been produced under German licence.

Form of participation

Organisational, technical and financial activities will be assigned to implementing companies. The implementing companies will be paid a participation fee by the companies for supervision in Germany and at the venue, the provision of exhibition space and for further organisational and technical services. The Foreign Trade Fair Programme indirectly benefits the companies. No direct payments are made to the exhibitor.

Application and dates

As a rule, joint stands are only realised if at least ten companies have definitely registered by the closing date for applications (usually six months prior to the beginning of the fair). The investment projects will be summarised in the official foreign trade programme of the federal government and published in print and online by AUMA. Applications are to be submitted to the respective fair implementing companies.

Information on funding for fair investments in Germany and the foreign trade fair programmes of the Federal Government and the Federal States can be found on AUMA websites.

Fair Programme Innovative Companies

 The programme funds the participation of young innovative companies in leading international fairs in Germany. Small companies younger than ten years can participate in joint stands organised by fair promoters and receive 80 % of their costs for rental and stand construction. Registration for a joint stand and the grant application must be submitted eight weeks prior to the beginning of the fair at the latest.

Renewable Energies Export Initiative

Objective and subject matter

The aim of the export initiative is to support German companies by supplying information, linking existing initiatives and activities as well as actively accompanying projects abroad regarding the export of renewable energy technologies.

The opportunities of the export initiative include:
  • Creation of country profiles of important target countries regarding renewable energies
  • AHK- Business Trip Programme Renewable Energies
    The range of opportunities comprises up to 9 individual discussion dates on site, which is tailored to your specific needs, and a one-day seminar. Participating companies have the opportunity of presenting their products and services to the specialist audience present.  
  • Solar Roof Programme on the creation of new markets abroad
  • marketing abroad under the umbrella brand "Renewables Made in Germany" 
Information and dates
The German Energy Agency (dena) was appointed by the German Bundestag to develop and implement the Renewable Energies Export Initiative.

BMWi Marketing Support Programme for Companies in East German Federal States

Objective and subject matter

SMEs in East German federal states are to receive support when entering foreign markets. Support is provided in the form of advisory and supervising services offered by the project management organisation responsible. The participating companies only have to make a suitable contribution of their own and to bear travelling expenses.

The Marketing Support Programme provides assistance in two forms:

  • support for marketing
  • supplier forum

The focus is on the regions of Western, Central and Eastern Europe as well as North America..

Information and dates

Funding is provided in the form of "de minimis" aids for the advisory services by the project management organisation. The companies must make a contribution of their own amounting to € 1,500.

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Trade Fair Programmes of the Federal States

Individual federal states also offer SMEs the opportunity of presenting themselves within the framework of joint stands at international fairs. For further information, click here.

Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion Scheme of the Federal Government

The Federal Government supports international activities by German industry as part of their foreign trade promotion through federal guarantees. The scheme is managed by Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers AG.

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